Dreamy, Spring Senior Photos in Charlotte, North Carolina

Maggie’s spring senior session was stunning! Maggie is graduating from UNC Charlotte this year. She was a member of the UNC Charlotte Equestrian Team, so we did her senior portraits at the barn! Of course, her horse had to be a part of the photos! I always love when my seniors want to incorporate something special to them into their session. This could be a parent, friend, certain location, or pet. Including this special part of your life into your session makes your senior portraits unique and they truly feel like you! 

Maggie wanted her photos to feel dreamy and the spring weather really did deliver! She also chose fantastic outfits! Choosing outfits for your senior session can be challenging! Here are a couple tips for choosing outfits for your senior portraits:

  1. Don’t be afraid of color!

Colorful dresses, shirts, and pants are my favorite! They are so fun and share your personality!

2. Bring a casual outfit and a fancier one! 

A lot of times, I will end a session in a more casual outfit and it more like everyday wear for a senior. This will make you more comfortable and end up being some of my favorite photographs!

3. Make sure they’re comfortable!

This will make you more comfortable in front of the camera if you are comfortable in what you are wearing!

Check out my favorites from Maggie’s dreamy spring senior session!

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