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My last senior session of the year! 2023 is almost over…how did that happen?! It seems crazy that it is already December, but Zoe’s senior portraits were the perfect way to end my year!

Here are three location options for your senior portraits:

  1. On Campus

Your college campus is a great location for your senior photos! Most campuses are pretty all year long and provide variety for your photographs. You spent four years of your life on campus, so its fun to look back and see those photos of you on campus. Zoe chose two spots iconic spots on the campus of UNC Charlotte – the UNC Charlotte entrance sign and the center of campus. Choosing these iconic spots on campus is a great start because they are often well taken care of and recognizable in photos. 

2. A Location That Means Something to You

I encourage my seniors to consider a location that means something to them! This could be on campus, a sports field, a certain coffee shop, etc. Zoe chose the barn that she rides horses at since she was on the UNC Charlotte Equestrian team. 

3. Simple, Outdoors Location

The third option for locations is a simple, outdoorsy location. This could be a garden, field, or park. While photos of you on campus or at your sports field are great options, you are likely to not use these photos for years after you graduate. If you choose a simple location in nature that don’t immediately stand out as graduation photos, you are more likely to use those photos for years to come.

The second location of Zoe’s senior portraits both meant something to her and was a simple outdoors spot! 

Check out my favorites from Zoe’s UNC Charlotte senior portraits below! 

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