We’re Engaged!! | Our Proposal Story

We’re engaged!!! I am so excited and so thankful to be loved by this wonderful man! 

Max & I got engaged on November 25, 2023 at Reynolda Gardens in Winston Salem. He knows that Reynolda is one of my favorite places to photograph couples. In addition to that, it is also the spot where my parents got engaged, so its an extra sentimental spot! 

Max & I met at church back during the summer and after a few weeks of dating we were already talking about when we wanted to get engaged. We decided that we wanted to be engaged during the Christmas season. Max had me convinced he was going to propose in December, so when it happened in November, I was so surprised. 

My family was planning to go to Reynolda Gardens that afternoon to take family photos so I was dressed and ready to be in front of the camera! I had a feeling that my family was not going to be able to hide a proposal from me, but they sure did do a good job! Everyone was relaxed, and even yawning on the way to Reynolda and complaining about not wanting to take photos. I had no idea it was coming! 

Max started taking photos of my family, which he is so talented at! Definitely bringing him along as a second shooter for my 2024 wedding season! Those photos are at the end of this blog post so go check them out! Towards the end, I wanted to get photos of Max & I. My sister had my camera and she suggested we do a pose where Max comes up and hugs me from behind. When I turned around, he was down on one knee!! 

My sister did a wonderful job capturing our reactions and photos afterwards with my family. We met the rest of our family for dinner once it got dark. It was the perfect evening with an even more perfect fiancé! 

Max, you are my best friend and I cannot imagine doing life without you. You love the Lord and pursue a relationship with Him and you lead me toward Jesus daily. You are funny and kind and you care deeply for your family and friends. I cannot wait to marry you and I love you so much!!

Here are my favorites from our proposal below!

Now for the family photos!

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