3 Reasons to Do Mommy & Me Photography

When Caitlyn reached out to me about a mommy & me session with her daughter Ivy, I was thrilled! If you are a mom, your camera roll is likely full of beautiful photos of your little one. You are documenting every milestone on your iPhone or you might even have done professional portraits of them as they have grown. But sometimes, the photos of you and your little ones just don’t happen, or you are not even thinking about it. A mommy & me photography session is precious, and here are three reasons why! 

1. You are usually the one behind the camera.

As a mother, you know that time flies when your children are growing up. Photographs are ways of capturing those special moments that go by so fast. The iPhone is a wonderful way to capture those moments and it is always at our fingertips. The mom is often the one behind the camera capturing every moment, but you deserve to be in front of the camera too! A mommy & me session gives you the opportunity to have your connection with your little ones photographed so you can cherish those forever.

2. Your children will cherish these photographs.

Since I was little, I have loved looking at photographs of my parents when they were young parents. The photos of my me and my mom are my favorites! When your children grow up and create families of their own, they will cherish the photographs of their childhood. 

3. The connection between mother and child is like no other. 

Becoming a mother changes your entire world. It is an honor to love and nurture this beautiful little baby that God created. This connection deserves to be photographed and cherished forever. Your kids are never too old for a mommy & me session. No matter what age they are, you will always be glad you have these photographs. 

Check out some of my favorites of this mommy & me session with Caitlyn & Ivy below and reach out to book your mommy & me session today! 

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